How to setup T4 bot

Creating a badge

To make the bot working properly, you must create your first badge.


After typed the command, the bot will give you the detailed modal to fill.

Detailed Modal

This section requires you to name the badge, it will show in member’s badges and server’s badge list.

This section will assign the emoji or text to the badge, it will be used for assigning that emoji/text beside the nickname.

Note: This can’t replace the role icon feature from Discord, it just only adds the emoji/text to the member’s nickname.

Give the description to announcement badge.

Default message:

{member_mention} obtained **{badge_name}**, and now has {member_badges_count} badges!

*This badge is owned by {badge_owners_count} members.*

Give a ping message to announcement badge.

Default message:

Hey, {member_mention}! You received a new badge!

Giving the badge to a member/role

Giving to a member

To reward member for achieving something, you can reward them a badge.

/give [badge] [role]

Giving to a role

You can make the bot given/taken the badge to a member automatically when they have/not have the specific role.

/give-to-role [badge] [role]

Advanced Giving commands

Giving to members in a role

You can make the bot given the badge to members who have the specific role.

/give-to-role-members [badge] [role]
  • Remember that this is one-time action, so the bot only gives the badge to members, not manage the badge.

After using command

After typed, the bot will show you the list of members whose nickname will be changed after applying. To accept, press👍.

Removing a badge

Removing from a member

To take a badge from member(s), you can use the remove command.

/give [badge] [member_1] <member_2> <member_3> <member_4> <member_5> <member_6> <member_7> <member_8> <member_9>

Removing from a role

You can make the bot not manage the badge to a member automatically when they have/lose the specific role anymore by using remove-from-role command.

/remove-from-role [badge] [role]

Advanced Removing commands

Removing from members in a role

You can make the bot not given the badge to members who have the specific role anymore by using remove-from-role-members command.

/remove-from-role-members [badge] [role]

Removing all badges from a member/role

If you want to remove all badges from a member/role, you can use /remove-all-from command.

/remove-all-from <member_or_role_id> <member>

Removing from the server (delete a badge)

If you don’t want to use the badge anymore, you can delete it by using server-remove-badge command.

/server-remove-badge [badge]

After using command

After typed, the bot will show you the list of members whose nickname will be changed after applying. To accept, press👍.

Adding role emoji to nickname

This is an extra feature that most of members want to use. This feature will add role emoji to member’s nickname.

This progress will be done automatically if you finished these:

  • Added the emoji or text in Nickname Emoji (or Text) textbox with /create command
  • Used /give-to-role command

If you forgot to add the emoji or text in Nickname Emoji (or Text) textbox, don’t worry, you can use edit badge command.

/edit [badge] <image> <new_name> <emoji_or_text> <from_status> <description> <ping_text>

Changing nickname format

Set nickname format

This tool helps you choose the style of nickname that you prefer to for your server.

/set-nick-format [format]

Set max emojis in nickname

If you want to choose how many emojis can show in the nickname, you can use set-nick-max command.

/set-nick-max [max_emojis]

After using command

After typed, the bot will show you the list of members whose nickname will be changed after applying. To accept, press👍.

And that’s all, hope you understand how to use T4 Bot through this quick tutorial. If you have any question, you can Leave a Reply below or ask in T4 Support Server. Thanks for using our bot, we’re appreciated about that! 💖


Run the below command and you can see which condition is not fulfilled.


After running the command above, you can see the detailed embed below.

Check-member-tool embed

For each unfulfilled condition, you can see the explanation and solution in this table.

Condition: T4 has manage nicknames permission to change <user>‘s nickname.

This will let the bot change member’s nickname. Without this permission, role emoji feature doesn’t work properly.

Solution: give T4 bot the manage nicknames permission.

Condition: T4 has change nickname permission to change its own nickname.

This will allow the bot to test the nickname format before changing member’s nickname to make sure that it works properly.

Solution: give T4 bot the change nicknames permission.

Condition: T4’s top role (<T4’s top role>) is higher than <user>‘s top role (<user’s top role>).

This will allow the bot to change member’s nickname who has the top role below T4’s top role. Without this, the bot can’t change those members.

Solution: move the T4 bot role higher than the top role of member or assign T4 bot the role that higher that the top role of member.

Condition: <user> is not the owner.

This is the issue that most of members ask us in Support Server.

Because of role hierarchy, no one (included bot) is not allowed to change owner’s nickname.

Solution: sadly, you can’t do anything for this. You can only change your nickname manually.

This is the issue that most of members ask us in Support Server.

Because of role hierarchy, no one (included bot) is not allowed to change owner’s nickname.

Solution: sadly, you can’t do anything for this. You can only change your nickname manually.

Currently the bot doesn’t support those formats. Because some members use emojis in their username/nickname. After the bot adds emoji part to nickname, the bot won’t understand which part is {n} – nickname and which part is {e} – emoji.


A member has this nickname: Techmon 🤝

And the badge has this emoji: 🚀

So, after adding the badge to that member, the result is: Techmon 🤝 🚀

The bot cannot detect that user’s nickname anymore because the bot can’t detect where the separation part – space character.

Input nickname format: {n} {e}

Like this: Techmon 🤝 🚀

Or like this: Techmon 🤝 🚀

Best way to get free Role Icons in Discord without Nitro Boosts to keep your members active!

Today I’m gonna to show you how to get nickname role icons in your Discord server for free. And for this ocation we will use T4. This bot lets you create your own badges and share them with your guild members. It’s a great way to reward your members for their activity or just to show off your server’s accomplishments. It’s simple to use and it’s free for doing this. So if you’re looking for a way to add some flair to your Discord server, T4 is a great option.

The instructions are very easy:

  1. Add T4 to your server (invite link).
  2. Select or create a role to be used.
  3. Create a role icon with /create and select a name and an emoji (example: 🌟).
  4. Give the badge to your role with /give-to-role.
  5. Add members to your role.
Every @vip member has 🌟!

And that’s it! You’ve now successfully created a Discord role with an icon.

Create custom badges in your Discord server

Do you want to show your badges? Show off your Discord Badges and create your own Custom Badges too. Upload your badges, give them to your members and see their badges. There are badges by playing games, and Discord official ones will appear too!

This is a help article to create badges in your server, give them, and showing them. Make sure you have T4 in your server, or otherwise, Invite T4 now.

We will create a badge called vip for this tutorial and give it to @user.

“t4 create vip

“t4 upload vip” (and attach an image to the message)


You will see a message with your attached image like this:


You are ready. You just created the vip badge.


“t4 give @user vip


“t4 badge @user


Keep in mind: Some commands may change over time. So, if a command doesn’t work, send us a comment!

OBS Mouse Follower Tutorial

In this tutorial I’m going to explain how to follow your mouse and make zoom ins and zoom outs using the script I made for you in 5 steps.

Follow and zoom your mouse in OBS with this script!

Attention: This script has been tested only on Windows OS for now.

  • Step 1: Install Python 3.6.8 (or any 3.6.x) from the official Python website.
    • Scroll down that site and find the Files title. You will see a table in there with all the different Python versions per OS.
    • Download Python 64 bits version or 32 bits version depending on your system, and run the file. You will see a file path below Install Now. Write it down, as this will be used later!
  • Step 2: Download and add Mouse Follower Script to OBS.
    • Go to The Script Repository and download OBS Mouse Follower Script, then decompress it wherever you want.
    • Open OBS, then Tools > Scripts > Python Settings and set the Python Install Path to the file path you got in Step 1.
    • Now got to Tools > Scripts > Python Settings > Scripts and press the + button under Loaded Scripts, and add OBS Mouse from its location.
  • Step 3: Configure the script and recommended settings.
    • Next to the Loaded Scripts, you will find all your imported script’s configurations, so you need to select OBS Mouse and you will see all the settings it has.
    • Set Max x size to your display’s width in pixels. Do the same with Max y size for the height.
    • Recommended settings for Follow and Zoom speed percentage is 10.
    • Very recommended settings for Keep aspect ratio on select rectangle is Check.
    • Select your screen source.
  • Step 4: Configure your monitor source.
    • Right click your source and then Transform > Stretch to screen.
  • Step 5: Know how to use the hotkeys and set them.
    • Go to File > Settings > Hotkeys.
    • Configure:
      – Set rectangle is VERY important. With it, you will draw an invisible rectangle. Just start pressing the hotkey for the first point of the rectangle, and release the hotkey when you finished your rectangle.
      – Toggle mouse follow to stop/start following the mouse.
      – Toggle zoom to show full screen or just the selected rectangle.
      – Undo rectangle set to set the camera to the previous rectangle.
      – Redo rectangle set to set the camera to the un-done rectangle set.
  • Have fun!

Tibia-like MMORPG Fan Made App Test in Android

Tibia MMORPG game for Android! This is an unofficial app, but it was configured to operate in a mobile environment and is good for playing from one minute to a thousand hours of game-time. Free WiFi is required to play. Get it on Google Play Store now? No. As it isn’t in development today. But! You can see what I did with it a few years ago!

Finally an easy way to access Tibia without a PC. Download the latest Tibia MMORPG fake version to go, and now you can play Tibia anywhere. Have you lost your internet frequency, or are you struggling to get a good wifi access? Fret not, Tibia is here to streamline your access to Tiquanda, Carlin, or any other Tibia zone.

Fake Tibia project for Android devices

Spanish tutorial on how to create and use custom badges in Discord

This bot will save you so much time and boost confidence in your users with badges and emojis to let them know they’re important and appreciated!

Do you have a hard time rewarding your users for completing certain tasks? No problem. This bot will reward your users for finishing important tasks. It’s as simple as set up the task, our bot, and issue the money or points they deserve on their profile. It’s simple for your users and a huge help for you!

This Discord custom badges bot is easy to use and with constant updates. It seamlessly gives badges to users as reward. Not many permissions have to be given to T4 in Discord. Not only that, achievements can be given for anything the user wants for awards! The app also tells when the user last rewarded a user! This achievements bot has a minimalistic app interface and does not cause the device’s battery to drain quickly.

Food Friends – Online Restaurant Manager

The best online restaurant mangar game for Android, iOS and PC is almost ready to play! Run your restaurant in Gourmet Avenue and visit your friends in real life. You can invite them to the game and hire them into your restaurant. Dress up your character with luxurious outfits and you will be probably cooking in all the street. Gain experience by buying items and decorating your restaurant inside and outside, and beat your friends!

If you love restaurant managers, then you will love Food Friends! This online restaurant simulator game is a fanmade reboot of Restaurant City and is the best restaurant game out there! With infinite restaurants combinations to choose from and countless recipes you can have, your friends will surely want to see how cool your restaurant is!

This fan made game is free to play with a fun, charming atmosphere. Food friends is great on your phone and also has an amazing social aspect! Check it out now!