Download Tibia Fanmade for Android

The unfinished version of a game inspired by Tibia.

Introducing the ultimate game experience! It’s like Tibia, but on a cosmic level of absurdity. Behold the UnTibia APK, where reality is just a suggestion.

Main features

  • Infinite Potions of Invincibility: Forget about pesky health and mana management. Your character is basically a walking pharmacy. Side effects may include an overinflated sense of invulnerability.
  • Undying Protagonist: Death is so last season. Even at 0 HP, your character remains the picture of immortality.
  • Level Up Leg Day: Leveling up comes with the bonus of enhanced speed.
  • Wand Wielding Mastery: Wave that wand like you just don’t care! Gain magic levels simply by brandishing your wand.
  • Offline Overdrive: No connection required, because your awesomeness transcends the digital realm.
  • Fire Wand Flamboyance: Your wand is not just a wand; it’s a flamethrower.

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