Tibia MMORPG game for Android! This is an unofficial app, but it was configured to operate in a mobile environment and is good for playing from one minute to a thousand hours of game-time. Free WiFi is required to play. Get it on Google Play Store now? No. As it isn’t in development today. But! You can see what I did with it a few years ago!

Tibia-like MMORPG Fan Made App Test in Android

Finally an easy way to access Tibia without a PC. Download the latest Tibia MMORPG fake version to go, and now you can play Tibia anywhere. Have you lost your internet frequency, or are you struggling to get a good wifi access? Fret not, Tibia is here to streamline your access to Tiquanda, Carlin, or any other Tibia zone.

Fake Tibia project for Android devices

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