Tibia-like MMORPG Fan Made App Test in Android

Tibia MMORPG game for Android! This is an unofficial app, but it was configured to operate in a mobile environment and is good for playing from one minute to a thousand hours of game-time. Free WiFi is required to play. Get it on Google Play Store now? No. As it isn’t in development today. But! You can see what I did with it a few years ago!

Finally an easy way to access Tibia without a PC. Download the latest Tibia MMORPG fake version to go, and now you can play Tibia anywhere. Have you lost your internet frequency, or are you struggling to get a good wifi access? Fret not, Tibia is here to streamline your access to Tiquanda, Carlin, or any other Tibia zone.

Fake Tibia project for Android devices

Food Friends – Online Restaurant Manager

The best online restaurant mangar game for Android, iOS and PC is almost ready to play! Run your restaurant in Gourmet Avenue and visit your friends in real life. You can invite them to the game and hire them into your restaurant. Dress up your character with luxurious outfits and you will be probably cooking in all the street. Gain experience by buying items and decorating your restaurant inside and outside, and beat your friends!

If you love restaurant managers, then you will love Food Friends! This online restaurant simulator game is a fanmade reboot of Restaurant City and is the best restaurant game out there! With infinite restaurants combinations to choose from and countless recipes you can have, your friends will surely want to see how cool your restaurant is!

This fan made game is free to play with a fun, charming atmosphere. Food friends is great on your phone and also has an amazing social aspect! Check it out now!