Restaurant City and the Hunt for its Legacy

Take a stroll down memory lane with Neremik2 as he reminisces about the golden era of Facebook games, particularly the unforgettable Restaurant City by PlayFish. In his recent video, he shares his personal connection to the game and delves into the mysterious vanishing act it pulled from the internet. To add a dash of excitement, he drops a mention of Food Friends, our very own game! Explore the nostalgia and uncover the mystery with him.

The Facebook Game Craze

Back when smartphones weren’t a thing, social games on Facebook were all the rage. PlayFish, a developer from 2007, jumped in with games like “Who Has the Biggest Brain?” and “Pet Society”. These were the precursors to the mobile gaming era, where you could challenge friends directly on Facebook.

Restaurant City – A Fan Favorite

Restaurant City was PlayFish’s standout game, hooking millions with its easy but addictive gameplay. You’d design your restaurant, hire friends, and serve customers. Regular updates and customization options kept players hooked.

EA Steps In, Things Go South

As the game gained steam, EA swooped in and acquired PlayFish in 2009. Initially stable, Restaurant City and other PlayFish games faced retirement in 2011, leaving players disappointed. The sudden closure of a cherished game took everyone by surprise.

The Quest to Save Restaurant City

The video takes an unexpected turn as Neremik2 explores the hunt for traces of the game. He talks about finding game files, like potential copies on old hard drives and the Flashpoint Archive. The goal? Creating a public archive to preserve the game’s features and spirit.

A Surprising Find and Hurdles

According to him, a re-translated Russian version, Restaurant Streets, pops up, but EA steps in again, limiting access. The search continues for a more complete version. Neremik2 urges viewers to join the quest, hoping increased awareness might lead to finding a better-preserved copy.

Future Hopes with Spiritual Successors


Facing challenges in bringing back the game, the video wraps up with a look at two upcoming games – Food Friends (our game) and Restaurant Odyssey. These aim to capture the essence of the beloved game. Viewers are encouraged to support these projects for a potential continuation of the Restaurant City legacy.

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