All commands used in T4 Bot

Slash CommandDescription
/badge-listShow the user’s badges as a list.
/badgesShow the user’s badges in a grid.
/bot-infoShow the bot’s stats.
/check-member-toolCheck if the bot can change a member’s nickname.
/createCreate a new badge. You can create badges with eojis, images and descriptions.
/create-goldenCreate a global badge. The use is restricted to the bot owner.
/editUpdate a badge name, emoji, description or from_status.
/fix-translationSuggest a translation fix.
/giveGive a badge to a user.
/give-to-roleGive a badge to a role.
/give-to-role-membersGive a badge to all the members of a role.
/helpGet help regard the bot.
/inviteGet the bot’s invite link.
/language (deprecated)Not used anymore. In order to change the language, you need to go to your server settings, and change your server's language.
/nickname-reset-toolThis tool let you reset some member’s nicknames to their Discord username.
/owners-listGet all the owners of a certain badge.
/prefixChange the prefix of the bot.
/premium-activateActivate a license key and obtain premium.
/premium-buyGet a link to buy premium.
/premium-transferTransfer premium to another server.
/rankShow the member’s ranking position.
/rem-emojiRemove an emoji from a badge.
/removeRemove a badge from a user.
/remove-all-fromRemove all badges from a user.
/remove-from-roleRemove a badge from a role.
/remove-from-role-membersRemove a badge from all the members of a role.
/renameRename the badge.
/server-badge-listShow all the server’s badges.
/server-remove-badgeRemove a badge from the server, and from all their owners.
/set-badge-positionSet a position for a badge in the badges grid. Depending on the server’s setting, this command will also set the position of the emojis.
/set-channelSet a channel to send announcements of earned badges.
/set-emojiSet an emoji to a badge.
/set-emoji-position-prioritySet a position for all badge’s emojis in the server. Depending on the server’s setting, this setting will be overriden by member’s position.
/set-manager-role (deprecated)Not used anymore. In order to change the permissions, you need to go to your server settings, and change your server's permissions.
/set-nick-formatSet how emojis will look in your server member’snicknames.
/set-nick-maxSet how many emojis will appear in member’snicknames.
/settingsShow all the settings.
/testA test command.
/toggle-announcementsEnable or disable badge announcements.
/toggle-emojis-sorted-by-membersEnable or disable wether emojis are sorted by members or by the server admins.
/toggle-goldenEnable or disable global badges. These badges are given to all members from all guilds by default.
/toggle-pingsEnable or disable wether the bot should ping the members when receiving a badge.
/update (deprecated)Replaced with /edit.
/voteGet a link to vote for the bot.

The bot can create, give and remove badges to users and roles. Badges can have images and emojis. You can also set a nickname format to alter how the user’s nicknames will show the badges they have.

2 thoughts on “All commands used in T4 Bot”
  1. Hi! We have been using your bot on our server for a while now, and I was wondering if there is a way for the custom badges to update whenever they open a specific game or app?

    We have noticed that recent games, Helldivers – Bread and Fred to use as an example, are not giving any badges whenever we open the games, so I had that question. Following this inquiry, I don’t know if the bot is still receiving support and maybe this can be updated on your end?

    Thank you for your time! ~

    1. The functionality exists, but I haven’t implemented it publicly yet. Currently, I’m the only one capable of adding those types of badges for now. I will probably be adding that in the future.

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