A fanmade game inspired by Restaurant City

Discover how the beloved game Restaurant City sparked our journey into creating Food Friends. Relive the excitement of managing virtual restaurants, connecting with friends, and crafting culinary delights. Join us as we reimagine restaurant simulation for a new era, paying homage to the legacy of Restaurant City while embarking on a fresh culinary adventure with Food Friends.

A Fanmade Tribute to Restaurant City

Welcome to Food Friends, our latest creation – a heartfelt homage to the timeless classic, Restaurant City! If you’re a devotee of restaurant simulation and management games, prepare for a treat. This post unravels the tale behind Food Friends, tracing its origins in the inspiration drawn from Restaurant City.

Carrying Forward Restaurant City’s Legacy

Remember the days of Restaurant City, the iconic game that enabled players to create and run their virtual restaurants? This game was our muse. The delight of conjuring culinary wonders, designing unique restaurants, and connecting with friends resonated profoundly. We aimed to capture this magic and take it a step further.

Birthing Food Friends

As fervent admirers of Restaurant City, we lamented its absence. This void birthed the concept of Food Friends. Our vision was clear – to create a game that celebrated the essence of Restaurant City while infusing modern gamers’ preferences. Thus, Food Friends materialized, an endeavor infused with its predecessor’s spirit, enhanced with novel features and excitement.

An Homage to Restaurant City Enthusiasts

We recognize that our longing for managing virtual eateries in Restaurant City is shared by many. Hence, Food Friends was conceived not merely for us but for all who cherished Restaurant City. We aspired to provide a haven where fans could relive these cherished memories, reconnect with fellow enthusiasts, and once again dive into the realm of restaurant management.

A Novel Chapter in Restaurant Simulation

Food Friends materialized from our ardor for restaurant simulation games and our enduring memories of Restaurant City. It’s a tribute to the creativity, camaraderie, and joy that its predecessor brought forth. As Restaurant City takes its final bow, Food Friends steps forward, upholding its legacy while infusing restaurant management with fresh vigor.

Join Us in This Gastronomic Odyssey

For all Restaurant City aficionados and lovers of restaurant simulation games, we extend an invitation to join us in the immersive journey of Food Friends. Immerse yourself in culinary creativity, craft your dream restaurant, and cultivate connections with friends and fellow epicureans. As Restaurant City bids adieu, Food Friends stands ready to carry the torch, forging new memories in the realm of virtual dining.

Stay Tuned for More

Anticipate more updates, features, and news about Food Friends. We’re thrilled to share this homage with you and are committed to crafting an engaging experience for all restaurant simulation enthusiasts. Stay connected and watch out for more updates on Food Friends – the game that salutes Restaurant City while charting a distinct course in the virtual dining universe!


A truly versatile gaming experience! Food Friends is currently available on Android, Windows, and OSx, ensuring you can enjoy the excitement of restaurant management and culinary creativity across multiple platforms. While it’s not available on iOS just yet, we’re thrilled to announce that Food Friends will soon be gracing iOS devices as well. Stay tuned for this upcoming addition, and in the meantime, dive into the culinary world of Food Friends on your preferred platform!

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