If you are looking for creating custom badges or role emojis, all the commands were replaced with slash commands!

For example, t4 badges is now /badges.

Spanish tutorial on how to create and use custom badges in Discord

This bot will save you so much time and boost confidence in your users with badges and emojis to let them know they’re important and appreciated!

Do you have a hard time rewarding your users for completing certain tasks? No problem. This bot will reward your users for finishing important tasks. It’s as simple as set up the task, our bot, and issue the money or points they deserve on their profile. It’s simple for your users and a huge help for you!

This Discord custom badges bot is easy to use and with constant updates. It seamlessly gives badges to users as reward. Not many permissions have to be given to T4 in Discord. Not only that, achievements can be given for anything the user wants for awards! The app also tells when the user last rewarded a user! This achievements bot has a minimalistic app interface and does not cause the device’s battery to drain quickly.

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